Blood Bank Management System (BBMS) is designed to store, process, retrieve and analyze information concerned with the administrative and inventory management within a blood bank. This project aims at maintaining all the information pertaining to blood donors, different blood groups available in each blood bank and help them manage in a better way.
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  • BHUPENDER MAHANT write : I am a B- blood donor. I have donated blood two times.First time a accident case in igmc shimla and 2nd time Rajiv Gandhi Jyanti.I feel proud to help a needy and save a precious life. So Dear Friends Share a little, care a little – Donate Blood.
  • kARUNA tHAKUR write : Hi my name is Karuna Thakur and I working in Kamla Nehru Hospital (KNH) as a counselor since 2004. While working in Hospital usually I notice many time acute emergency of blood and that time relative of patient feel helpless when they cannot able to arrange the blood in such emergency. Therefore I decide to become a regular donor and I have donated 15 times blood in emergency in the past it gives me a lot of satisfaction as many time I have seen unavoidable situation of family members of patients when they were feel very sad and helpless. Now donating my blood for these patients I cannot express my happiness. So I want to heartily request to all healthy people of Himachal Pradesh that you should also donate blood regularly not only for save the life of any person but also for self satisfaction that they are doing some good work for the sake of society . Thanks.
  • Baldev Kumar write : I am B+ blood donor. I have donated blood 18 times since 1996.Dear friends it is liquid love so share this love as many times as you can.one drop of blood can not be produced in factory even after spending crores of rupees.it is only possible in our body.so donate blood.
  • Rajeev Samkaria write : I am a blood bank technician joined blood bank in 2003.Seen the plight of many patients and the helplessness of the blood bank people, I started donating blood and it gave me imense pleasure and a great deal of satisfaction for contributing for this noble cause, I have donated blood 14 times, i request the youth to become a regular doner.
  • Harsh Guleria guleria write : I am educated member of society and I think we have to donate as much we can.so its my request to all my friends to come forward to help others and trust me there is no effect on health .even I feel more positivity in myself i donated 16 time and I will continue my this habit up to my last breath .
  • sher singh daulta write : i am AB- (Negative) blood Donner and working at Blood Bank Kamla Neheru Hospital shimla i started donating blood nov 2016 and it gave me Immense pleasure and a great satisfaction to contributing for this noble cause. Because even a drop of blood can not be produced in the factories, i request the youth to come Forward and become a regular donner.
  • Suresh Kumar write : Hello, My name is Suresh Kumar. I am working as JBT at sarkaghat, mandi. i am regular and volanteer donor . i have donated blood 59 times and committed that i will continue it till my last. it gives me immense pleasure and self satisfection. Friends there is no substitute of blood only generous donors can save a needy patients. Believe me , all the misconceptions or myths regardig donations are false. there is no ill effect on Health infect it benefits our body system. i request you all to please donate blood and encourage others for this noble deed. because it saves life and gives life. Thanks.
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